Seattle Lean Camp was a great event.

Thank you for your energy, ideas and conversations!

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Seattle Lean Camp takes place on July 16 - 17, 2011 at the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle.

Seattle Lean Camp is an Open Space. It's about learning, creating, and building value by discussing Lean Principles, Deming, real-world stories, and the impacts of collaboration and respect in the workplace. Kanban, Personal Kanban, Agile, Six Sigma, 5s, is all on the table...but so is the root of all these forms...Continuous Improvement.

Join practitioners, thinkers, and luminaries from across medicine, manufacturing, software development, education, and personal productivity.

The open space event is limited to 150 people, so sign up early.

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Also, if you are in London, there is an awesome on-going Lean Camp there with fairly regular events.

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In two weeks, we'll have finished Lean Camp. What do you think we talked about? For Me: - Happy People Work Better - Communicating Your Value to Others ("They don't get it" is a cop out.) - Using Kanban to Visualize Personal and Team Work - Real Metrics Often Don't Use Numbers - Making Meetings Productive, Effective and Enjoyable and - Best Thing I Ever Ate Please Add To This Thread!

Pat Tressel: I'm volunteering on an open-source software project where most of the developers are being paid by a company that has private contracts using the software. We've gradually lost volunteers until we're down to a handful, and only one of those (myself) ... [read more]
Harold Shinsato: Lean HR transformation... changes to hiring, performance review, compensation, career assistance, etc. One of the issues with "agile" is that it mostly provides guidance with software development and doesn't necessarily address all the other departme... [read more]
Mark Chandler: -Can developers work harder? -How to bid an agile project in a fixed price world.

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Connie Taylor left a note for Raji Sirajuddin

I would be glad to meet you. let's meet Saturday - life is so uncertain.
Also I have to leave early Sunday!

Mon, Jul 11 at 2:16PM

Todd Sattersten left a note for Alan Shalloway

Thanks for the note on publishing.

Production/printing is only one aspect of the entire publishing process.

I believe the greater and more interesting application at this point is looking how books are created and launched. This ties more closely to the Blank/Ries Lean Startup Movement thinking.

I believe a sense of entrepreneurship needs to be brought back to publishing and more people should be looking for alternate business models.

LeanPub up in Vancouver is coming down and they have some interesting thoughts on this too.

Fri, Jul 8 at 7:46AM

Alan Shalloway left a note for Todd Sattersten

Todd, saw your interest in book publishing. Check out snowfall press. We use them and they've totally implemented a lean book publishing business. Turnaround, quality and price are amazing (not a sales pitch - we're a customer). :)

Fri, Jul 8 at 7:30AM

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Tonianne DeMaria Barry posted Why I'm Excited About Lean Camp

JUST LET ME LEARN! Hallway conversations are almost always what people peg as their favorite parts of conferences. Yet conferences rarely provide ample space and time for people to have these conversations. When we actually converse with our peers or with the speakers, we learn more and, more importantly, we retain more. We are actively engaged in the learning, rather than just being spoken to. When Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith sat down to pl... [read more]

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Tonianne DeMaria Barry posted To Our Guests Traveling from Out of Town:

The Silver Cloud Inn University District, is offering a special rate for Lean Camp attendees. The $129.00 single king, $149.00 double queen rate includes complimentary high speed DSL & wireless internet, complimentary breakfast, indoor pool & spa, exercise facility, free shuttle service within a 3 mile radius & free parking. This rate does not include applicable taxes. To make reservations under this block rate, please visit the hotel’s website h... [read more]

Siraj Sirajuddin: Hi Tonianne I just saw this link today and tried to make reservations but was unable to. Can you please check if they have additional rooms available for the conference? Thanks and see you there Siraj
Tonianne DeMaria Barry: Siraj, I just spoke with Daisy (1.800.205.6940). She has both the rooms and the rate advertised and is awaiting your call. My apologies for any inconvenience and I look forward to seeing both you and Raji. T.

Tue, Jun 14 at 7:13PM (2 comments)

Raji Sirajuddin left a note for Jeff Lopez-Stuit

Looking forward to your friendly smile :)

Mon, Jun 6 at 6:05PM

Jim Benson posted Detail About Lean Camp

Seattle Lean Camp July 16-17, 2011 At The University of Washington's beautiful Center for Urban Horticulture “It's not easy being Lean” ~ Deming the Frog Our current business and work climate is very uncertain, and many of us have found that the application of Lean, especially of continuous improvement, makes work and life more exciting and rewarding. Lean principles encourage respect for colleagues, high communications, a focus on value, and ult... [read more]

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